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Are meal replacement shakes healthy?

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15 Sep 2023

Things you’ll learn here:

  • What are meal replacement shakes?
  • The benefits of meal replacement shakes.
  • Are meal replacement shakes healthy?
  • Are there any cons to meal replacement shakes?
  • Are meal replacement shakes right for me?

  • Many people see skipping meals as a great way to ditch calories and stick to their diet. Technically, there’s some logic in this theory. But in practice, it doesn’t usually work. 


    Well, because most of us are used to eating three meals a day however light or heavy they may be—and our bodies adapt and become used to the routine. 

    Skipping a meal is easier said than done, and when our body doesn’t get nutrition when expected, we can experience adverse effects. These can include headaches, lightheadedness and dizziness—but the most common is- hunger (and no one wants a constantly growling stomach).

    Skipping a meal makes you feel hungry. So, while it will ditch the calories temporarily, the hunger cravings will probably see you snacking and or raiding the fridge more often than usual.  

    If only there was a way to skip a meal by taking in a low-calorie alternative. One that would also stop hunger cravings, drive your calorie intake down, stop the constant need for snacking. 

    Step forward with the meal replacement shake. These super shakes are a wildly popular way of sticking to a calorie-control diet while getting the nutrients you need to succeed—but are they actually healthy?

    Let’s find out. 

    What are meal replacement shakes?

    Dietary supplements have been around for a while and meal replacements are often used as a low-calorie alternative to a main meal, but it’s only in recent years that they’ve made a comeback. 

    meal shakes

    Research shows that meal-replacement shakes are a great addition to healthy meals. Diet shakes have been around for some time, but they were generally promoted as a replacement for all solid meals rather than just one. 

    Meal replacement shakes are a great alternative to a high-calorie meal while giving you all of the nutritional benefits—but without adding on the pounds. The best meal replacement shakes are tasty and satisfy your hunger for hours on end. People with certain health conditions also take meal shakes as a replacement for certain foods. 

    Packed with beneficial nutrients, meal shakes are brilliant if you’re looking to:

    • Trim down your body fat
    • Stop gaining unwanted weight
    • Get your essential nutrients when you’re on the go

    FYI: As a general rule of thumb, you should drink one meal replacement shake a day in place of one of your three main meals.

    The benefits of meal replacement shakes

    Meal replacement shakes offer much more than just a way of trying to lose weight. They’re also a great way to gain control of exactly what you’re eating and what you feed your body. 

    Yes, meal replacement shakes are an excellent way to lose weight—and we’re going to explore their body-boosting benefits now.

    Meal replacement shakes are a cost-efficient way to stay healthy

    If you think about the price of a meal—especially dinner—you can see the costs adding up. 

    A meal replacement shake is a more cost-effective way of getting your daily nutrients, so you will lose weight and save money. If you switch a main meal to a shake every day, you’ll probably save some serious dough in the long run, especially if you buy them in bulk.

    Meal replacement shakes save time

    Anything that can save you time and money these days has to be a good thing, and a meal replacement shake is a quick meal. 

    It’s an easy way to pack in the nutrients and keep hunger and calories at bay when you have a super busy schedule (and we know you do). Just add water or milk, give it a little shake, and go-go-go. Simple.

    Tip: Making a shake for breakfast is a brilliant way to pack in the nutrients of a complete meal and boost energy in the minimum amount of time. No guessing or calculating involved. It’s all done for you in one easy-to-make drink. You can also add extra ingredients like seeds or berries for an additional nutritional punch.

    Meal replacement shakes are great for weight loss

    The big plus of a meal replacement shake is the colossal advantage it can give you on a weight loss journey. It’s a great way to keep your body in sync with its nutritional needs and lower the calories you’re taking in during a mealtime. 

    If you’re calorie counting, it will make it much easier, too, as the calories per serving are already counted.

    Counting calories

    They’re packed with vitamins and minerals

    Any meal replacement shake worth its salt is packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals to fill you up while giving your body the nutrition it needs to bounce through the day. 

    Shakes containing digestive enzymes are a bonus, too as they will help to break down carbs, fats, and proteins in addition to helping digestion, reducing inflammation, and boosting heart as well as gut health.

    Are meal replacement shakes healthy?

    The best meal replacement shakes are designed to be healthy as they must perform an essential role in our daily diet: replacing an entire meal. 

    This is a big responsibility as the shake must contain the proper nutrients to do the job. A meal replacement shake that contains unhealthy ingredients would be a pointless exercise—you might as well get stuck into a burger and chips. 

    A good shake will be packed with the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to satisfy your hunger without packing on the pounds until the next meal. 

    So the answer to the question is, ‘are meal replacement shakes healthy?’: Yes.   

    They’re as healthy as you want them to be. So, when deciding on a meal replacement shake, check:

    • It contains essential vitamins and minerals
    • It’s easy to digest 
    • It’s tasty enough to replace a meal

    Take the right meal replacement shake alongside a balanced diet and you will smash your weight loss goals while feeling good, day after day.

    Are there any cons to meal replacement shakes?

    It may be a surprising question—but meal replacement shakes are not a one-size-fits-all solution. What might work for some might not work for others when it comes to digestion or flavour preferences.

    Let’s have a look at the potential negatives of the shakes.

    You might miss out on essential nutrients

    Checking the ingredients is an essential part of choosing your meal shake. Some shakes may not contain all of the nutrients you need to satisfy your hunger and give you the energy to go about your day before the next meal. 

    Tip: A meal shake packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals but low on calories is the nutritional sweet spot.

    They might not be to your taste

    A meal shake might not compare to a delicious home-cooked meal, but that’s not really the point. It’s a convenient way to satisfy your hunger without starving yourself or consuming too many calories. So, finding a shake with a flavour that tingles your tastebuds is an essential part of the process as it’s important to look forward to your meal replacement so you still have that “feel good factor” while watching your calorie intake.

    They might disagree with your stomach

    Check the list of ingredients for anything that might not be suitable for your stomach. Some meal shakes contain additives that can cause digestive issues, so you should check carefully as you want to lose weight, but don’t want your health to suffer. Some shakes contain DigeZyme™, which are basically digestive enzymes that help to break down your food and improve digestion. This is a massive advantage to your gut health.

    Are meal replacement shakes right for me?

    The bottom line is that you must decide which meal replacement shake is for you. Meal replacements must work in sync with your personal weight loss efforts

    Meal shakes are supposed to be a healthy replacement for a balanced meal.  So, always check the ingredients to ensure your shake is full of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

    If you doubt the ingredients, speak to a health professional, especially if you have any underlying health conditions.

    It’s important to remember that you still need to eat plenty of whole foods during the day. Meal shakes are designed to replace ONE meal daily, and not all of them. You should consume them in addition to one or two healthy meals daily—that way, you’ll get everything you need to succeed.

    Meal replacement shakes help with weight loss as they help you control exactly which nutrients you get and the calories you consume.

    PhenQ meal shakes

    PhenQ meal replacement shake is a science-backed formula to check off all of your nutritional needs while at the same time improving weight loss efforts and saving you both time and money. A real win-win.

    If you’re trying to lose weight, PhenQ meal replacement shakes are a powerful weight loss support designed to:

    • Replace one full meal each day
    • Help shed excess pounds naturally
    • Boost energy and control cravings
    • Save you time and money
    • Reach your weight loss goals

    Liquid meal replacements must be enjoyable, and PhenQ meal replacement shakes provide three delicious flavours.

    The shakes contain all the nutrients you need for an on-the-go meal: they’re high in protein, low in calories, and are much healthier than most commercial alternatives on the market.

    PhenQ meal shakes contain vegan vitamins and minerals as well as the gut-boosting ingredient called DigeZyme™ (containing digestive enzymes: amylase, protease, cellulase, lactase, and lipase) to help break down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins while also improving digestion and supporting an overall happy gut.

    We hope this guide helps you on your journey and for more insider advice from Phen HQ, read all about how to replace meals with shakes to help you lose weight.