10 Ways to lose weight without exercise

10 Ways to lose weight without exercise

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05 May 2023

The problem with exercise is that it gets in the way of other things, such as trying to organize our daily lives. 

There’s a standard format for folk who are looking to lose weight. This usually involves going to the effort of setting up a gym membership, going to the induction day and then attending the gym less and less until finally, they watch their monthly fee being debited from their account and realize they haven’t been to the gym for months. 

This isn’t down to laziness! Whether working full or part-time or being full-time parents, there’s a lot to do during the day, and trying to find the time to go - even with the best will - is tricky. This is especially true if the gym is a bit of a drive from your house, as you must also account for traveling time. 

And this only considers those who want to join a gym. Exercise isn’t for everyone; people don’t want to go to the gym for many reasons. Some might not be able to afford a gym membership, you might have a lack of motivation, or you simply find exercise boring. 

So let’s have a look at ways in which you can lose weight without the big workouts.

1. A calorie-controlled diet

Okay, let’s start with the obvious one. We all know that two main factors must be in play to lose weight- diet and exercise. If we’re skipping the workout, we’ll need to concentrate more closely on the food we consume. 

Don’t panic; this doesn’t need to be a hatchet job. By that, I mean there’s no need to fast for days on end; it just means we need to make adjustments to ensure that we can still burn more calories than we consume. 

The perfect diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. This takes in the correct nutrient and leaves you feeling fuller, making you less likely to snack.

 2. Drink plenty of water. 

Carrying a water bottle around with you could be one of the best ways to lose weight. 

Yes, keeping yourself hydrated is essential, but it also acts as an appetite suppressant, making your stomach feel fuller. It also helps to stimulate your metabolism, which allows your body to burn more calories.

3. Try to keep your stress levels down

This isn’t always easy, but our eating habits tend to go out of the window when we're stressed. Any plans we’re trying to stick to get derailed when this happens, and it can be hard to get back on track. 

A 2017 study suggested that stress and negative moods are associated with overeating as it increases cortisol levels. When this happens, your brain immediately instructs you to look for something comforting, which you can often consume. 

Better time management, meditation and yoga are three great ways to decrease stress levels.

4. Try the smaller plate trick

Using a smaller plate when eating is a neat psychological trick, making your plate look fuller with less food. 

Too good to be true? 

A BMC Obesity study discovered that smaller plate sizes led to better portion control among participants. Try it and see for yourself. It’s a great way to change your eating habits and perfect for those of us who sometimes get a bit greedy. 

5. Sleep well

Sleep should never be underestimated when it comes to your well-being, and if you want to achieve specific fitness goals, you’ll need to get an adequate amount of sleep. Sleep and weight loss go hand-in-hand, and a lack of sleep will break your calorie-restricted diet. Your hormones are severely disrupted when you’ve not rested enough, leading to over-eating. 

Go to bed at a decent time, try not to drink caffeine at least an hour before you head to bed and make sure the room is dark enough for you to get a decent sleep. 

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  • 6. Watch your sugar intake

    It’s not just your meals you must account for; we sometimes unwittingly take in sugar from various sources during the day. Sugary drinks, coffee and tea with sugar, alcohol and sweet treats add up. 

    The trick isn’t to go without; it’s just to choose sensible alternatives. Avoid adding cream to your coffee; use a sweetener instead of sugar. Alcohol is hazardous because not only is it full of calories, but common sense tends to go out of the window, and we often consume more than we’d planned to.  

     7. Eat more slowly

    This is another method to try and trick your brain into thinking you’ve had enough to eat. The slower you eat, the quicker your brain registers that you are full, whereas if you eat too quickly, you can often overeat before your stomach sends a message to the brain to note that it’s full. 

    You should allow yourself plenty of time to eat in a relaxed atmosphere. Eating when you feel rushed isn’t suitable for the digestive system, as it can often lead to indigestion. 

    Allow yourself at least 15 minutes or more to eat slowly and enjoy your meals. This is often called mindful eating, as it will enable you to concentrate solely on your meal without added distractions. This means no TV, mobile phones or reading matter.

    8. Prepare meals yourself.

    Knowing how many calories are on your plate is essential, and if you prepare the meal yourself, you’ll have total control over the numbers. Going out to a restaurant or ordering a takeaway means you can only guess your calorie intake. 

    You’ll not be able to consider the number of calories in the sauces, salts and oils that readily go into these meals. Keep the ingredients in your kitchen healthy and fresh, and avoid processed foods. The more time you can give yourself to prepare a meal, the healthier you can make it.

    Losing weight without exercise is possible but requires planning. Your diet will be the key area to concentrate on with plenty of vegetables, smaller plates, longer eating times and being mindful of any extras you consume during the day.

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  • 9. Become Physically Active At Home 

    Moving around more at home is a great way to burn some calories without engaging in serious physical exercise. Spending time playing with your kids, cooking in the kitchen, or gardening are great ideas, and keeping active is a great way to keep things moving in the right direction.

    10. Adopt Healthy Habits at Work

    One of the best ideas in recent years is a standing desk as an alternative to a seated one. Standing up all day will burn calories without you even realizing your body is working. Going for a walk and a chat with colleagues at lunchtime is another great habit to get into.

    And finally, a bonus 11th option is to take supplements that help to suppress your appetite and burn your far. Taking PhenQ is another excellent way to lose weight without exercise. It helps to burn fat as well as acting as an appetite suppressant.